The heart is a tireless peduncle of blasphemy, a monarchy unto itself. No surprise, then, that in retrospect, evolution took an unexpected twist in the Holocene epoch when a heart decidedly turned exophyte, ending the symbiotic relationship it held with Mr. Sheraton Coulee to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery, hedonism and just plain trekking until its time did come.

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Jake Sheff
"The Performance"

I had never liked Trish Doherty. Snide and self-centred with notions of herself. The best dressed woman in the village and by God, did she take every opportunity to flaunt it! She would smugly stride in her click-clack heels all the way to the top of the church every Sunday, just to be sure the entire parish would take note of her new coat, or new necklace, or whatever newfangled add-on she felt needed our attention.

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Rebecca Fitzgerald

It was 1988, and my first summer conference as a newly-appointed lecturer. I arrived late at the venue, one of those new English Universities, all breeze-block in open fields. I walked to the student residences – the accommodation for the week – dumped my luggage and made for the campus building.

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Gordon Gibson

I once heard someone refer to the lottery as sensible. That it made sense to select the children randomly and let their parents watch as they are taken away. It always struck me as odd that it would be a child that was taken away to be eaten. Did the dragon not have a large appetite?

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Thomas Stewart
"An Ending"

The first thing I see when I wake is the wedding ring on the bedside locker. I don’t remember it being there last night, but we’d had more to drink than usual, and sleep had come quickly for both of us. Amanda’s eyes fluttering closed, her breathing growing deep mere moments before my own eyes closed.

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Edward Lee

Most of us knew the main points of the unsettling thing that happened to Sarita Pench within eight hours of it happening to her. Sarita traditionally wasted no time broadcasting her trials and tribulations to the rest of us through social networking, the incident in question definitely falling under the heading of tribulation

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The computer screen lights the room around me. I stare at the blinking line on the white blank page that mocks me. It knows I’ve run out of ideas; it knows I won’t write tonight. I turn the speakers on, and European pop streams out.

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Rebecca Timberlake
"The Dying Time Traveller"

Lying here, among faces that stare at me in despair, unable to move legs or arms, I begin to remember. The only open road is driving me backwards. The poet in me finally awakens, on the most inappropriate moment though

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Mileva Anastasiadou