"Undelivered Message"

I wish I could send you

the nascent light of spring

gold with promise,

white plum blossoms

on a warm perfumed day,

the spicy scent

of bay laurel

on a quiet trail.

You who hide

in the cold true North

lost to the Maritimes

the Bay of Fundy

where tall waves crash

and change direction

amid deafening cries

of ring-billed gulls.

About the author

Laura Blatt’s writing has appeared in various publications, including Lilith MagazineCalifornia Quarterly, Vintage Voices, and the anthology Phoenix. Recently she contributed to a museum exhibit of poetry paired with art. A member of the California bar, she also holds an MS degree in biology. Now retired, she was a website writer and a manager at a publishing company.

Laura Blatt