"McCoy Hall Roommates"

for Kate

Some crazy luck cast us

together in Room 222

mistaken for sisters—co-eds

wearing matching

Sassoon hairstyles

and sorority blazers then—

we mark another year

of unremarkable birthdays now



English majors—we became

teachers then corporate somethings

but always poets corresponding     

always living

miles apart


I wonder—should I send you a note

along with a few poems  

maybe something quick on the




Yet my best cursive

penmanship never could

compare to your unmistakable

shapes of chiseled


strong strokes

of a fountain pen and nib

your signature swells

over me like the tides

lunar tugs

through years  

leaving shells on the beach

to gather with my hands

and store safely away

ribboned heart
satin box

About the author

Bonnie Larson Staiger is the recipient of the 2018 ‘Voices of the Plains and Prairies Poetry Award’ (NDSU Press) for her debut collection, Destiny Manifested. She often writes of the poignant subtleties of life from the view of the high plains of the New American West as well as the many places she has traveled.