"i tidy my room"


these are all my days

the bad ones and the good ones

you choke those bad ones out

he said

‘cos you don’t get replacement days for the

ones that turn out bad


what could possibly ache more than



the chatter of small market towns

makes me feel invincible couples greyer than dusk

wading through the hours i’m in the

charity shops hoarding

near-mint books;

a teenager screams

that was no coffee machine


you never came even at christmas

too many people everywhere

you said

i don’t wanna get diluted.

which was a shame because the lights were nice


i picked up an LP in the junk shop

on the backstreets it made me think

of you

Night Lights (1963). i bought it

because i wanted to be reminded of you

more often.


getting back to the days

that seem to run away like migration

and the eternal

comedown, comedown, comedown

there is a warm hand in my bed

an accomplice to my dreams

About the author

Paul Robert Mullen is a poet, musician and sociable loner from Liverpool, U.K. He has three published poetry collections: curse this blue raincoat (2017), testimony (2018), and 35 (2018).  He also enjoys paperbacks with broken spines, and all things minimalist.

Paul Robert Mullen