"Winter Song 1"

Snow Day:

are there two

more glorious words

in the English language?

I think not.


There is a permission

to them:

wake up early

earlier than you would

to go to school

to find out

you don’t have to.


There is a muffled quiet

a softness to the sound

of one person scraping

a shovel down the path

next door

the guilty pleasure

of shoveling



The text messages

airborn, floating like flakes

from you to me to her to him.

Never in alphabetical order

more important than when we are

waiting to see where the rain

snow line is and what time

we will be on which side of it.


90 minute delay

simply lacks the poetry

the time it would take

to write the poetry

is used up in the disappointment

and despair that you

will have to leave home

without baking muffins,

listening to one more song,

hugging your child, dog, love,

rolling over and hunkering down.


About the author

Judith J. Katz is the Lead Teacher for Creative Writing at the Cooperative Arts and Humanities Magnet High School in New Haven, Connecticut, where her signature courses focus on writing poetry. 

Ms. Katz’s work has been published in Edify Fiction Literary Journal, Months to Years, The Literary Nest, Ritualwell, The New Sound Literary Journal, Of Sun and Sand, and Sending Our Condolences. She has been a first runner up in the Kind of a Hurricane Press’s Editor’s Choice Awards and she recently received an NEH grant to study Emily Dickinson.

Judith Katz