"Love/" - A Poetic Sequence

“Is this what they feel?”


Kissing him will never not be special.

Tingling cheeks, numb lips

This must be what they feel.


He tastes mellow

He smells so virile

Is this what they feel?


This is something special.

We kiss by the river,

A recurrence that is cherished.

A song, the man sings “another weekend out of my life”

All while the sun reflects from the cold dark film of water


His teeth tickle my face

This is so special.

He softly bites my lip and lingers,

The tingling ensues

I return the favour.


I can’t let go of this one.

This is too special





I wrote a poem about you.

That poem was published today,

It was my first publication.


You are my first published piece of work.

I won’t deny that you’ve made me cry

Nor will I give you the pleasure of knowing about this poem.

You’ve left a distasteful mark on my first accomplishment as a writer.


Like Mysterio, you created illusions,

Probably for many others too.

Are you blissfully unaware of your effects?

Or do you simply not care?

I honestly believe it’s the latter.


But, as the princess said

“Take your broken heart and make it into art”


Now you’ve left me with a poem dedicated to a magician


“Murky joy”



I’m so easily entranced by the waves of the river, while the sky spills its dirty rain on top of me.

The river water, so very murky.


What lies beneath?

Many souls.

I look across and behold,

In the rain, a couple,

Perhaps friends.


One man, one woman,

In the last quarter of their lives

They smile and laugh while launching bread towards the frightening swans.

All while the dirty rain pours from the sky above us.



Jack White has recently finished his final year of college in UCC. He studied arts international with the subjects being English literature and French. He hopes to go on to study creative writing and journalism in London.

Jack White