"Lost Hope"

Remembering that trip

we have never taken,

the trip where our bodies

would finally find one another.

It was a sweet dream

that we both dreamed together

and woke up in tears.


I think you let your fears

take the best of you,

or maybe you were just telling me

the things you thought I wanted to hear.

Maybe you never wanted to travel with me,

to enjoy my warm body

and my hot embrace that

would be holding you tight,

so tight that we’d appear as one.


The dreams are escape for

the fearful and sensitive hearts,

who wanted to cease the day

and catch the butterfly

without killing it between the palms.


We got trapped in logic

and finding excuses.

Love defies the mind,

love making defies the rules.

We were nothing but cowards

twirling between what made sense

and what was right.


About the author

Tatjana Ostojic is a philosopher by profession, writer and poet by passion.


Tatjana Ostojic