"Let Go of the One You Love"

Letting you go

to save me

from attaching myself

to the snake

that will bite me

with his poisonous lips

while hugging me tightly.


I’ve never heard words

that were sweeter than yours.

It makes me laugh that you think

I believe in them.

Oh, how much I wish they were true!


Hold me tight,

I need it even I know it is fake,

in cold winter nights

even a snake feels warm.

Even lies sound as

dreams fulfilled

and love reciprocated.


I don’t know if I love you,

even though I wanted to.

Now I’m letting you go,

just kiss me first,

bring me back to dreams

with your breath that tastes

like Cuban cigars.



Tatjana Ostojic is a philosopher by profession, writer and poet by passion.


Tatjana Ostojic