"In Between"

There is so much

that is inexplicable

in life and death


and in the meantime

there’s dinner

to put on the table


laundry to

wash, dry and




to replace

and rotate


a dog to walk

around the block

three times a day


children to

raise, grandchildren

to admire


the teaching 

of teenagers

to plan and execute


the sturm und

drang of an

overwrought brain


candles to light

wine to drink

bread to bless


the list is endless

until it 

abruptly ends. 



Judith J. Katz is the Lead Teacher for Creative Writing at the Cooperative Arts and Humanities Magnet High School in New Haven, Connecticut, where her signature courses focus on writing poetry. 

Ms. Katz’s work has been published in Edify Fiction Literary Journal, Months to Years, The Literary Nest, Ritualwell, The New Sound Literary Journal, Of Sun and Sand, and Sending Our Condolences. She has been a first runner up in the Kind of a Hurricane Press’s Editor’s Choice Awards and she recently received an NEH grant to study Emily Dickinson.

Judith Katz