"/Sadness" - a Poetic Sequence

“Magic pill”


Once a day, I take a pill of protection.

A pill that promises to protect me.

Protect me from irrational thoughts, fears and sombreness.


I have lost faith in this glorified vitamin.

I ponder what it must be like to not need protection.

Imagine that,

A mind that works as it should.


Why can I not share the same quality of life as others?

How do I make my mind work properly?

Why does no one have the answer?

What must I do?





Netflix and dreams of kill.

The white duvet is appropriate.

If only the walls were as white.


A three day long surrender.

I couldn’t go against it.

I didn’t even want to.


“Love sadness”



I question reality when I'm with him

Something this good cannot be true

Although when I'm without him,

the reality of the bleakness and meaninglessness of life is all too apparent


Why does no one speak of this sadness

Why do they only speak of songs making sense

They speak of being truly happy for others

And heightened senses but never speak of this love sadness

A term I've had to conjure myself as i have never heard others speak of such a thing

To be this sad must mean this is something I cannot lose, someone I cannot lose.


About the author

Jack White has recently finished his final year of college in UCC. He studied arts international with the subjects being English literature and French. He hopes to go on to study creative writing and journalism in London.

Jack White