It’s true that the sun doesn’t move.

Neither does the moon. And only

God goes where He wants. Look,

a body weighs less in greater pull

from heavy clouds, no, soul portions

divided into orbits coming in and out

of view all combined making a mind

a rocky planet of self a sweet spot

a vantage. The cogs gather and in that

gathering steerage where space bends

and arcs, it’s then the heavens flash

of their own volition

and make the earth of us



L. Ward Abel, poet, composer and performer of music, teacher, retired lawyer, lives in rural Georgia, has been published hundreds of times in print and online, including The ReaderIstanbul ReviewVersalYale Angler’s JournalPudding, Indian Review and others, and is the author of one full collection and nine chapbooks, including Jonesing For Byzantium (UK Authors Press, 2006), The Heat of Blooming (Pudding House Press, 2008),  American Bruise (Parallel Press, 2012),  Little Town gods (Folded Word Press, 2016), A Jerusalem of Ponds (erbacce-Press, 2016), and  Digby Roundabout (Kelsay Books, 2017).

L.Ward Abel