I.  apoikon ikaros

I carry myself with your fuel

the fossils you had in store 

you opened my mouth and poured

till it spilled

from my ears and every  pore

and you

you said it was enough

my carved dinner-table legs

you threw in the bonfire

in our beach

and you

your paintings of me

you threw them too

when the flames rose higher

and sent me on my way

and I

it was night that turned to day

you said you had to stay 

and I 

I flew and I went

I rose and I burst

and yes, it was enough

and I

I fell

in water


II.  exile

the window sill, the pen and quill

with ink and blood to fill;

the letters I must send back home to you


observe the stars, through iron bars,

the smoke from the cigars;

the words that hide in plain dead view


I still sit here, and find it queer

I had to disappear;

to learn what you always knew


III.  another island

do I have to 

sail the seas

against the winds

forget my deeds

ignore my fiends

the silent song

and tie me up

souls that toil

that work and think

for me alone

to come along

drink from my cup

sow on my soil

the seeds we bring

to stay unknown

an old man now

too old to dress

in gold breastplate

and sword in hand

subdue my fate

so be it then

open the gate

let me go in

feed my grey dog

and kiss my wife

and from now on

in morning fog

I’ll live my life