KJ Waters is the Best-Selling author of “breathtakingly original” thrillers Stealing Time and Blow — A Short Story. Stealing Time is the first is a series and is a time travel thriller set during the summer of 2004 where Florida was battered by 5 major hurricanes in less than six weeks.
Blow is a best-selling short story that follows Rick Harris during Hurricane Ivan when a friend seeks shelter in his house bringing an undercover cop into the mix. Rich has to choose between saving their lives or revealing a deep dark secret. Action packed and riveting.
The second book in the series, Shattering Time, is slated to be released in the fall of 2016.

Q: Before we talk about books, on your website there’s a picture of you on a bike in complete biker gear. That’s pretty bad-ass for an author. tell us a bit about that.

K.J. Waters: Ha-ha, well that’s funny you should ask about my biker chick alter ego. Before I tell you that story let me thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview with you. It is a great pleasure to share my writing with your audience in India.

One of my other businesses is a book cover design company called Blondie’s Custom Book Covers. We had scheduled a model to appear for a motorcycle shoot for a book cover. The model fell through but we had the motorcycle reserved and my business partner, Jody Smyers, a professional photographer, convinced me to shoot in place of our model. I pulled out my biker jacket and we shot for a few hours in freezing January temps. It was a lot of fun.


Q. Tell us about Stealing Time? What inspired you to write it?

K.J. WatersStealing Time is my first novel and the first in a series of at least four time travel novels. I started about a decade ago after living through the five hurricanes that hit central Florida in 2004. About a year after the storms I decided to take a crack at writing and began the series with the premise the same as the scenario that welcomed me to Florida with Hurricane Charley hitting three days after I moved there.

My career has been in writing in one form or another but mostly with marketing materials. I read Diana Gabaldon’s The Outlandish Companion where she talked about writing in small pieces and stitching the scenes together afterwards. This method seemed so much easier than what I had envisioned writing a novel would be – hours of detailed research and plotting. So much so that I decided to write a novel on a long car trip up the east coast of the United States from Florida to Maine.


Q. Is writing a time travelling tale challenging? Do you have to deal with paradoxes and destroying the universe?

K.J. Waters: The coolest thing about writing a time travel tale is that I can do anything I want, go anywhere I please and set up endless twists that the reader could never expect. It has been so much fun to create my own rules in my own world while sticking to the historical facts of the storms that hit that summer.

So far I’ve not managed to destroy the universe, but who knows. I am very good at building tension so that may have to be in the final book.

Q: Tell us about your podcast Blondie and the Brit. A sneak peek into the next episode?

K J WatersBlondie and the Brit is my weekly podcast. We interview authors in both independent and traditionally published arenas. I first pitched the idea about a year ago to Suzanne Kelman, an author and award-winning screenwriter. Since the podcast aired she was a semi-finalist with the Oscars for a Nichols Fellowship, and her book, The Rejected Writers’ Book Club, was picked up by Amazon publishing.

I was thrilled when she said yes and we spent last summer building the brand, creating the image and setting up several podcasts and we aired on October 1, 2015. Since them we’ve had nearly 16,000 downloads from iTunes and Podbean. It’s been a great success and we hope to continue and grow.

Our next interview that will air this Thursday is with Joey Pinkney who writes short stories and he has his own tweet service for authors to help them promote their books. Joey charms us with his smooth voice and great sense of humour. It was a blast interviewing him and quite fun to have him share his inner writing life with us including how he chooses the subject matter for his short stories.


Q. What authors and books do you admire?

K.J. Waters: My favourite author is Diana Gabaldon and her entire Outlander series is intelligent, funny, sexy, and a wild adventure through time. I also love Michael Crichton, who wrote Jurassic Park and Timeline. His is more of a hard science author but is brilliant and always stretches the imagination. I’d say these two have influenced my writing the most. My other secret weapon is not a book, but the American TV series Dexter where they are superb at maximizing tension for the viewer. I try to do the same in my writing tormenting the reader with twists and turns and increasingly unexpected issues that arise right when you think you know where the story is going.


Q. What does the future hold for your author career and the podcast?

K.J. Waters: I’m so excited to say my future has endless possibilities. My second book will be out this fall. Shattering Time, with the continuation of the Stealing Time series. I have a new short story out called Blow, set during Hurricane Ivan. I cannot wait to continue the story next winter when I do a second short story dealing with the aftermath of the storm and the situation in which Rick finds himself. Book three in the series is about half way done and I hope to have it out next summer, and I have a tentative title, Fracturing Time.

The podcast has been so much fun I cannot wait to celebrate our first year in October and I’m sure it will get even stronger as we continue with such amazing authors. We have big plans for a series of books and other materials for authors to help them master social media and book launches. The Blondie and the Brit brand will be expanding in some unexpected ways.

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