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Identity and Transcendence in William Gibson's​ Neuromancer

William Gibson’s Neuromancer explores transcendence in its depiction of  Case and cyberspace. Case finds his identity in cyberspace, and his desire to transcend his body is rooted in a desire to escape what he deems to be a flesh prison. How does the novel explore the theme of escapism in relation to a desire to transcend the human body?

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5 Short Stories You Can Read Right Now

The short story is a delicate form of writing because of this brevity that allows only the very best writers to capture the reader's heart and mind in just a few pages. For the very best short story writers, a five page story can be more powerful than a seven book series. So, here's a list of 5 short stories that can easily be read in one short go, but will have you thinking about them for hours or days to come.

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