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Novelising a Song: Samantha Harvey's Dear Thief and Leonard Cohen

Dear Thief is not merely inspired by “Famous Blue Raincoat” – it is not an adaptation or a cover of that one song, but it’s a literary expression of several Leonard Cohen songs that dominate Harvey’s language from time to time but are always there as a thematic undercurrent that carries the entire book.

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A Novel Soundtrack: How To Be Both

I know you love reading books, but do you like listening to them too? There are novels that carry a lot of music within them, and Ali Smith's How To Be Both is such a novel. Songs that relate to the main characters' lives, and also a soundtrack for an enhanced reading experience.

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Leonard Cohen: A Life In Art

Eighty-three years to the day since he was born, and almost a year since his passing, Leonard Cohen subtly attracts a large following around his persona and, now, legacy. A new music video celebrating his life and work was just released, and a memorial concert to take place in Montreal in November was announced by his son. Here's a look at a remarkable life in art.

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