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Stefan Zweig: The Journeys of a European

The conditions that led to Zweig’s departure from Vienna and eventually Europe all too closely resemble the current climate. The amalgamation of rising xenophobia, Brexit, the rising popularity of the mildly-labelled “alt-right” in France, The Netherlands, Italy, and particularly in Poland and Hungary, would surely inspire the same feeling of despair in Zweig if he were living today.

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Identity and Transcendence in William Gibson's​ Neuromancer

William Gibson’s Neuromancer explores transcendence in its depiction of  Case and cyberspace. Case finds his identity in cyberspace, and his desire to transcend his body is rooted in a desire to escape what he deems to be a flesh prison. How does the novel explore the theme of escapism in relation to a desire to transcend the human body?

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