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God and Mammon Go to the Movies

The conflict between the competing demands of the market economy and religion is unmistakable in three much lauded films of the last decade, There Will Be BloodHail, Caesar!, and The Birth of a Nation, in which characters negotiate the underlying contradictions between a get-rich-quick economy and a money-is-the-root-of-all-evil faith.

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Essay IdeaKen Hines
A Very Brief History Of Metamodernism

One recent revelation in the world of vague, amorphous philosophical concepts is that of Metamodernism, an attempted follow-up to Postmodernism. Metamodernism, much like working public transport, wooden clogs, and blacking up for Christmas, was thought up by the Dutch. 

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Essay IdeaSam Ha
J. G. Ballard's The Atrocity Exhibition and Trauma Narrative

The way in which The Atrocity Exhibition captures the reality of the 1960s is not objective, but radically distorted and based on trauma. This reflection of cultural trauma is particularly powerful because basic elements of trauma narrative, especially fragmentation, are also identified as being part of the source of the trauma.

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