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The Man From Earth: How the Self is Constructed

The construction of the Self is historically situated and is a conscious re-creation of what Nietzsche calls our “second nature” making us “poets of our lives”. The focal point of The Man From Earth is John Oldman, a university professor who claims to be 14,000 years old and has stopped ageing after 35. He has met the Buddha, sailed with Christopher Columbus and been a dear friend of Van Gogh. How is such a Self constructed?

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BoJack Horseman: What Are You Doing Here?

When BoJack Horseman dropped its first season on Netflix it was noted for its quick paced humour featuring animal puns and linguistic dexterity. Soon though, it stood out from the crowd as a show that tackles in a direct and poignant way themes of depression, self-loathing, nihilism, and existential angst. How has it developed in the last four years to become one of the most successful animated shows around?

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