Alice was on a mission of the utmost importance. You will have to be extremely careful and courageous, the King of Kings had said to her. He had given her an ampoule containing magic coloured sand, explaining that that was the only weapon with which the old dragon could be killed. So strong he was, that no one could harm him otherwise.
Alice was small and had no special power, but she was agile and witty, so the King of Kings had told her. In fact, everyone in this reign is so big, she had thought. Apart from the dwarves and the elves, but they would be too small to face the old dragon.

However, it was not only her size that made Alice special: she had a truly unique companion of adventures, Soiaris. He was a curious creature, for he could change his appearance: in one second he could shift from little hummingbird to ferocious jaguar. They were inseparable.

Concentrate now, Alice said to herself. You are on a mission of the uttermost importance. The old dragon was sitting on the Soft Mountain, and she was standing on a little island in the Sea of Lava. The island was barely large enough for her feet, so that she continuously had to be careful not to burn her toes. The texture of its sand tickled the palm of her feet. She could already see the dragon, for she had spent the last days flying on Soiaris, who had become a great white hawk. They had finally got close to the Soft Mountain. Only the Poisonous Beach and the Velvet Valley were between her and the old dragon now. Strong winds blew from the west, and swept the air like slow, big ocean waves. Time for action has come, she murmured.

She spread some magic coloured sand under her feet to protect them, and with a gigantic leap she flew over the Sea of Lava and landed on the Poisonous Beach, moving it a little and getting closer to the Velvet Valley. She removed her hair from her eyes and her mouth. They were now getting closer to the old dragon, and had to be careful not to wake him. Soiaris turned into a white jaguar, and she rode him across vast blue velvet fields. Then he turned into a big, long caterpillar of the same colour and flew her over the mountain tops. Close to the top of the Soft Mountain, she hid behind some low rocks. The old dragon sighed, and opened his small eyes. She swiftly ran around him, pouring little portions of magic coloured sand on his large body before he even could even realize what was happening. She had done it! Hurray!

Just then, the wind stopped abruptly. The dragon started grunting. She heard steps.

Alice hid behind a small rock, held her breath, and tried to shrink as much as she could.

“Alice! What have you done to your grandma?”

Elisa Sabbadin