TV Review: Electric Dreams - The Hood Maker

With Black Mirror migrating to Netflix, Channel 4 turned to the mind of Philip K. Dick to cater for SF aficionados. Electric Dreams is a new anthology series consisting of standalone adaptations of Dick's short stories. The show premiered with the episode "The Hood Maker" and was a visual treat for Blade Runner fans, but where does it stand as a book-to-screen adaptation, and what can it tell us about future episodes?

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Film Review: Flashbacks Of A Fool

Flashbacks of a Fool was released in 2008, directed by Baillie Walsh and starring Daniel Craig, Claire Forlani and Felicity Jones. It is the classic Odysseic story of the protagonist who returns home after several years; the one where he finds out that after all that time he has changed too much and he doesn’t belong there anymore.

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