Are You the Villain of this Article?



You see, most of the stories that feature us aren’t heroic, or at least we do nothing heroic in them. Conversely, most of the stories that have heroism in them don’t feature us at all. On the face of it, most of our beloved stories that we have come to like, individually as well as collectively, have got nothing to do with our self.

Good storytellers are those who leave a gap in the narrative for us to fill. By giving up control and allowing us presence, they write stories which grab hold of us. They make their stories open access. If you think about it, a large chunk of what constitutes reality in reality TV is the illusion that you have access, unfiltered access to someone else’s reality and you do what you choose to do with that access, become part of that story, fight for them to be saved or vote them off the show.

How did I end up becoming the villain in Stefan’s story?

At this point there are two options: go back and finish what you have started, or start over. You don’t want to start over as you know your sense of control was misplaced and this time would be no different if the game is rigged.



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