About pendora

Pendora is an online magazine with a focus on literature, film, art, and new ideas. It features weekly articles, opinion pieces, interviews, book and film reviews, essays, as well as original artworks, short fiction and poetry by new and upcoming writers.

The Pendora team consists of people from different countries who have a passion for the arts. Most of us were, or still are, students of English and literature, and having finished our degrees, we now want to continue our passion for literature by nurturing the innovative literature and arts platform that is Pendora. 

Pendora Magazine features regular contributions from writers from all over the world. Our posts concern storytelling as well as aesthetics, how and why we tell stories and how we digest them, what can we learn about ourselves through them, but also the way we present them and how are we affected by the way things look.

At the moment it is a self-sustained passion project, but if you like the content posted on the magazine, you can support us! This way Pendora can grow and be able to pay successful fiction and poetry contributors, and maybe even be in print someday. You can check out our Support page, where you can donate any amount you are willing to, or choose to join our Patreon, where you can get all kinds of rewards for your support.


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